Reason for Being.

I'm Rebecca, im 19 and i am studying art at Universtiy. This blog is full of my art, the good and the bad (hopefully there won't be too many bad ones) I'd love to hear any help or opinions you want to give. I hope you like it. I'll leave you with a wee quote that inspires me: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Jan 14

'Self Portrait' Oil on Canvas.
by Rebecca McNamee

Jan 12

'Charys' - by Rebecca McNamee
Oil on canvas

Dec 22

starting the face in my  painting, it is way more difficult than I first expected, but then that’s always the way I suppose…

Painting in progress of my boyfriend.

Life drawing paintings from this semester. 2 hour studies. 

This is the larger painting of Charys Wilson for my painting module, I have spent over a month painting the background in this, I didn’t know what I wanted the painting to look like when I started but I’m happy with the results, I just need to get the faces sorted now :L and go over and fix everything haha. Oh god…

My studio space in university :) I love having somewhere to escape to and paint.

Progress of my second painting for the project. I have put a lot of thought into the composition of the paintings, making the interiors just as important and the figures.  
This will be a self portrait of myself in my bedroom at university, it is taking so many layers to get the right colours and depth but I’m really enjoying it. 

Small portrait of Charys Wilson, preparatory painting for a larger scale piece :) the face is so tiny it’s so hard!
This is part of my second year project, I’m experimenting with movement in portraits and trying to capture the essence of them in their surroundings. Making a portrait painting more personal to a viewer.

Oct 10

whitepoisdress asked: Your drawings are amazing!!! ;)

Thank you so much!

paintings from this week, priming some canvas for upcoming portraits, excited!!

Drawing of my friend Charys, as she makes a lino print. pretty happy with this 

Sketches of my friends from life for my project this year. It’s been a productive week.

Sketches from second week of uni.

Sketches from second week of uni.

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